RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 1

Title: Oh. My. Gaga! Summary: Lady Gaga drops by to meet the 13 new queens competing to become America’s Next Drag Superstar. Their first test is to compete in the Miss Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent pageant. (more…)
March 24th, 2017 by admin 

Empire Season 3 Episode 10

Title: Sound & Fury Synopsis: After launching a deadly missile at Angelo, Lucious announces his new music project, Inferno, and puts everyone on notice – especially Cookie, who then vows to knock him off his throne for good. The two engage in an epic clash – fueled by a history of love, loyalty and betrayal. Meanwhile, Jamal befriends musician Tory Ash during his stay in rehab, Andre...

March 22nd, 2017 by admin 

The Flash Season 3 Episode 17

Title: Duet Summary: Barry and team are surprised when Mon- El and Hank Henshaw arrive on their Earth carrying a comatose Supergirl who was whammied by the Music Meister. Unable to wake her up, they turn to Team Flash to save her. However, the Music Meister surprises The Flash and puts him in a similar coma, one that Team Flash can’t cure. Kara and Barry wake up without their powers in an alternate...

March 22nd, 2017 by admin 

Ex On The Beach Season 6 Episode 10

Title: Series 6, Episode 10 Synopsis: The tablet of terror holds a big fat Greek wedding for Sean and Zahida, but the arrival of the final Ex throws the celebrations into chaos. And Harriette faces some shocking news from Ross. (more…)
March 21st, 2017 by admin 

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 3

Title: Sister Wives Synopsis: Rasheeda deals with Kirk’s infidelity. Rod and Jasmine’s unconventional relationship is revealed. Waka tries to make things right with Tammy. Tommie clashes with Karlie. Joseline attempts to resolve her paternity issues. (more…)
March 21st, 2017 by admin