Constantine Season 1 Episode 10

Title: Quid Pro Quo Summary: Thousands of people across Brooklyn have slipped into a mysterious coma, including Chas’ daughter. Constantine must find and defeat the evil behind it before it consumes the city. (more…)
January 24th, 2015 by admin 

Constantine Season 1 Episode 8

Title: The Saint of the Last Resorts: Part 2 Summary: A call from Anne Marie, a member of the fateful Newcastle crew, sends John and Chas to Mexico City and brings them closer to the source of The Rising Darkness. (more…)
December 13th, 2014 by admin 

Constantine Season 1 Episode 3

Title: The Devil’s Vinyl Summary: John and Zed engage in a dangerous confrontation to save a woman and her family from sinister forces. John’s efforts force him to confront the darkness in his own life–while also coming face to face with a new powerful adversary in Papa Midnite. (more…)
November 8th, 2014 by admin