Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 14

Title: JoJo Steals the Show Show Synopsis: Abby welcomes back ALDC Pittsburgh veteran, Sarah, to dance with the team. Tempers flare when her mother, Christy, calls Jess’ loyalty into question. After Abby pulls Kendall and Maddie’s duet, Kendall has an emotional meltdown and Melissa seriously questions whether to keep Maddie on the team at all. (more…)
April 6th, 2016 by admin 

Dance Moms Season 5 Episode 8

Title: Wild Wild West Coast, Part 2 Summary: While in Los Angeles, the girls juggle a competition and a music video shoot; Abby attempts to shut down the music video shoot; the mothers fight to keep their daughters on the team when Abby announces that she will be cutting one dancer. (more…)
February 25th, 2015 by admin