Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 9

Title: One Little Tear Synopsis: Victoria strikes a deal with Weaver in an attempt to free herself from jail and wake Anastasia, but the cost of saving one life could mean the loss of another. In a flashback, we learn Lady Tremaine’s surprising connection to another classic fairytale when Mother Gothel offers to help her family. (more…)
December 9th, 2017 by admin 

Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 7

Title: Eloise Gardener Synopsis: In pursuit of revenge, Hook seeks a dark and powerful magic, but an encounter with Rapunzel could alter his fate forever. Meanwhile, in Hyperion Heights, Ivy’s plot to take down Victoria intensifies and has unexpected consequences for Jacinda and Lucy. Rogers enlists Henry and Tilly’s help in his ongoing quest to find the missing Eloise Gardner, but what...

November 18th, 2017 by admin 

Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 5

Title: Greenbacks Summary: Tana seeks help from a traveling soothsayer, the iconic Dr. Facilier, in an attempt to save her kingdom. But when it’s revealed that he has an ulterior motive she’s forced to take matters into her own hands. In Hyperion Heights, Sabine and Jacinda take on a risky business venture, but the strength of their friendship is tested when Victoria interferes with their...

November 4th, 2017 by admin 

Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 4

Title: Beauty Synopsis: It’s Halloween in Hyperion Heights and Victoria forces Ivy to take Lucy trick-or-treating. Meanwhile, Tilly appears to be waking up from the curse and is intent on leading Weaver to the truth – but not if Victoria can help it. In a flashback, Rumple and Belle seek the answer to a prophecy that could cement their happy ending. (more…)
October 27th, 2017 by admin 

Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 3

Title: The Garden of Forking Paths Synopsis: When Cinderella finds herself staring danger in the eye, she receives help from an unlikely source. Her rescue leads to an alliance that could aid in the defeat of Lady Tremaine’s rule and reveals a dark secret from Cinderella’s past. In Hyperion Heights, Jacinda goes to extreme measures to stop Victoria Belfrey from destroying Lucy’s beloved...

October 20th, 2017 by admin