Outlander Season 3 Episode 5

Title: Freedom & Whisky Synopsis: As Brianna grapples with the life-changing revelations of the past summer, Claire must help her come to terms with the fact that she is truly her father’s daughter her 18th century Highlander father. To complicate matters further, Roger brings news that forces Claire and Brianna to face an impossible choice. (more…)
October 8th, 2017 by admin 

Outlander Season 3 Episode 3

Title: All Debts Paid Synopsis: In prison, Jamie discovers that an old foe has become the warden – and now has the power to make his life a living hell. Over the years, Claire and Frank both put their best foot forward to share a harmonious marriage, but an uninvited guest shatters this illusion, bringing their differences to light. (more…)
September 24th, 2017 by admin 

Outlander Season 3 Episode 1

Title: The Battle Joined Summary: After living through the Battle of Culloden, Jamie finds himself at the mercy of unforgiving British victors, until a connection from his past provides his only hope of survival. Meanwhile, a pregnant Claire attempts to adjust to life in the modern world of 1940s Boston – and life with Frank. (more…)
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Outlander Season 2 Episode 13

Title: Dragonfly in Amber Summary: Flashing forward to 1968, Claire travels to Scotland with her twenty-year-old daughter, Brianna, and meets Roger Wakefield. Claire visits Lallybroch and Culloden Moor to make peace with the past, while Brianna and Roger bond over researching Randall family history. Claire finally reveals the truth to Brianna about her time travel through the stones, her life in 1700’s...

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Outlander Season 2 Episode 3

Title: Useful Occupations and Deceptions Synopsis: Jamie spends all of his time dealing with politics whilst Claire finds solace in healing. The past could be about to derail the couple’s plans. (more…)
April 23rd, 2016 by admin