The 100 Season 3 Episode 8

Title: Terms and Conditions Synopsis: Kane is searching for a peaceful way to handle things but soon realizes he may be forced to resort to drastic measures. Meanwhile, Pike suspects that there may be a leak within the walls of Arkadia. Lastly, Raven has a plan and reaches out to Jasper for help. (more…)
March 11th, 2016 by admin 

The 100 Season 3 Episode 1

Title: Wanheda: Part One Summary: Three months have passed since the tragedy at Mount Weather and our heroes learn that a bounty has been put on Clarke’s head. Unbeknownst to Clarke, a team led by Bellamy and Kane journeys deep into Grounder territory to save her. Meanwhile, Murphy finds his way to the mansion and discovers a very different Jaha on a very different mission. (more…)
January 21st, 2016 by admin 

The 100 Season 2 Episode 9

Title: Remember Me Summary: After the death of a friend, Clarke and Octavia attempt to rejoin with the other 48 after the attack on Mt. Weather. (more…)
January 22nd, 2015 by admin 

The 100 Season 2 Episode 1

Title: The 48 Summary: Picking up where the season one finale ended, Clarke is still alone in the white room, frantically trying to make sense of her bizarre surroundings, while the fate of Bellamy, Finn and Raven is still unknown. Lincoln and Octavia’s daring plan is thwarted and an enemy returns. Meanwhile, Abby, Kane and the survivors of the Ark must face physical and moral dilemmas in their...

October 23rd, 2014 by admin