The Flash Season 3 Episode 18

Title: Abra Kadabra Summary: The Flash battles Abra Kadabra, a villain from Earth-19, who makes him a tempting offer – release him and Abra Kadabra will reveal Savitar’s true identity. Desperate to save Iris, Barry considers taking the deal but Gypsy breaches in to capture the villain for her own reasons and during the melee, Abra Kadabra manages to escape. Barry is furious that Gypsy interfered...

March 29th, 2017 by admin 

The Flash Season 3 Episode 17

Title: Duet Summary: Barry and team are surprised when Mon- El and Hank Henshaw arrive on their Earth carrying a comatose Supergirl who was whammied by the Music Meister. Unable to wake her up, they turn to Team Flash to save her. However, the Music Meister surprises The Flash and puts him in a similar coma, one that Team Flash can’t cure. Kara and Barry wake up without their powers in an alternate...

March 22nd, 2017 by admin 

The Flash Season 3 Episode 16

Title: Into the Speed Force Summary: Desperate to stop Savitar and save his friends, Barry turns to the speed force for answers. H.R. gives Jesse some advice. (more…)
March 14th, 2017 by admin 

The Flash Season 3 Episode 15

Title: The Wrath of Savitar Summary: While training with Barry, Wally starts to have visions of Savitar, which he hides from the team. A dangerous secret threatens Barry and Iris’ happiness. (more…)
March 8th, 2017 by admin 

The Flash Season 3 Episode 14

Title: Attack on Central City Synopsis: When Grodd and his army of gorillas bring the battle to Earth-1, The Flash and team must find a way to stop them before they destroy Central City. Gypsy returns to join the fight. Meanwhile, Jesse Quick decides she wants to stay with Wally on Earth-1. (more…)
February 28th, 2017 by admin