The Flash Season 4 Episode 10

Title: The Trial of The Flash Synopsis: As Barry’s trial for the murder of Clifford DeVoe begins, Iris and Joe must decide how far they are willing to go to keep Barry out of prison. (more…)
January 16th, 2018 by admin 

The Flash Season 4 Episode 9

Title: Don’t Run Summary: Amunet kidnaps Caitlin and puts meta-dampener handcuffs on her to keep her from turning into Killer Frost. Amunet tells Caitlin she needs her to perform a tricky medical task and if Caitlin fails, Amunet will kill her. Meanwhile, The Thinker traps The Flash in a speedster-proof prison. With the clock ticking, The Team doesn’t have the time or resources to track...

December 6th, 2017 by admin 

The Flash Season 4 Episode 7

Title: Therefore I Am Synopsis: Barry comes face to face with DeVoe. Devoe’s past is revealed through flashbacks. Meanwhile, Iris puts the final touches on the wedding, which is a week away. (more…)
November 22nd, 2017 by admin 

The Flash Season 4 Episode 6

Title: When Harry Met Harry Summary: When collectors of Native American artifacts are attacked by a meta named Mina Chayton who can bring inanimate objects to life, Barry turns to a surprising ally for help. Determined to crack the identity of The Thinker, Harry enlists Cisco’s help to summon the ultimate think tank: “The Council of Wells’,” a roundtable of the brightest Harrison...

November 15th, 2017 by admin 

The Flash Season 4 Episode 5

Title: Girls Night Out Summary: Caitlin receives an ominous threat from her old boss, Amunet, and fears her past time as Killer Frost may be back to haunt her. Meanwhile, Felicity comes to Central City to help the girls celebrate Iris’ bachelorette party; and Cisco, Joe and the guys take Barry out for a night on the town. (more…)
November 8th, 2017 by admin